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Vision & Purpose

Thank you for visiting our on-line site. As you explore,  we pray that you are encouraged in God and inspired to connect with us soon. 

Learning.  When it comes to learning about God we understand that there is nothing more frustrating than reading the Bible and not understanding  what a scripture means or hearing a sermon and not knowing how it applies to you.  At EWM we make God’s Word relevant in your everyday life. Whether it is a sermon you hear from our Pastor or a Bible class you attend with one of our teachers;  the Word of God will be presented in a way that is relatable, applicable and most importantly understandable. When you learn at EWM your faith is sure to  be strengthened and your mind renewed. 

Connecting. Being apart of a healthy Christ-centered relationships is a vital part of our walk with God. At EWM we help you connect with other believers and experience God with people that are in your same stage of life.  We embrace diversity and demonstrate the love of God with everyone. When you connect, you will quickly discover how easy it is for you to meet new people, build new friendships and feel like family. 

Serving.  God has gifted each of us with certain skills and talents so we can help others. At EWM we create opportunities for you to use your gifts to impact our church, community, nation and world. When you serve, you will feel a sense the purpose and fulfillment in God that comes when you bless others.